University Lecturers Summer Programme In English Medium Instruction

About the Course: 

 Course Full

One week intensive course

Choice of Accommodation including home stay or campus apartments 

Upper Intermediate level of English required - B2 

Who is this course for?
    • This course is designed for university teaching staff who have a functional level of English but whose first language is not English.
    • It is suited to lecturers who teach academic disciplines through the medium of English and whose students may come from a range of linguistic and cultural backgrounds.
Why should you undertake this course?
    • To develop your language skills for the purpose of teaching through English in a third-level education environment.
    • To help you support students develop critical thinking skills and metacognitive skills.
    • To improve your use of English in academic environments and contexts.
    • To build on your Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency.
    • To help improve your Cognitive Obligatory Language which includes vocabulary, grammar and functions specific to the academic subject.
    • To help strengthen your Content Compatible Language skills and everyday language which support the study of curricular subjects.
    • To help strengthen your career prospects.
    • To give you the opportunity to network and establish relationships with international academics.
What should participants expect?
    • A series of dynamic, participatory workshops using a wide range of interactive teaching methods.
    • An emphasis on exploratory study.
    • Sessions designed with reference to the university teaching environment.
    • Input sessions which target language proficiency.
    • Exploration of innovative pedagogic techniques to maximise the desired learning outcomes among students.
    • Content which is adapted and tailored to meet the specific needs of participants.
    • A dedicated Virtual Learning Environment will be used for the programme so that participants can share their learning and ideas.
    • An integrated skills approach which targets the development of language, pedagogic and transferable communication skills.
How much does it cost? 
    • To be confirmed for 2018

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