IELTS Preparation Courses

IELTS Intensive Course - 20 Hours of Classes per week + 10 Hours of Homework - Prepare for Success!

The timetable for your course is set by the centralised DCU Timetabling Office which provides classrooms for courses at DCU.Class times 8.50 to 12.50 or 13.30 - 17.30

Our intensive courses will provide you with 20 hours of class input every week and additional 10 hours of work on assignments outside of class. You can study at home, in our computer lab or in the DCU Library.

We constantly expand our teaching resources and we will provide you with the most up-to-date materials to learn from. Our DCULS classrooms are equipped with interactive whiteboards and Wi-Fi to enhance your learning. During the course, you will be given at least one mock exam to experience the real life exam conditions and to make you feel confident before taking the external exam. All of our exam preparation courses are supported by an online platform which will provide you with extra resources to learn from and which will also enable you to communicate with your tutor and other classmates outside of class time.
Note: dates of exams are limited and might not necessary to coincide with DCULS exam course dates.

All of our tutors have many years of experience in teaching exam preparation classes and some of them have worked as examiners before. Their excellent professional skills will help you improve your language and feel confident before taking the exam.

Minimum entry level required: placement test on the first dayCourse fees do not include the exam registration fee
Expert tuition from experienced teachersCourse registration fees include a course book and course materials

Examination Subject Areas

The exam focuses on the four main skills areas of academic English

1. Formal expression in both speaking and writing
2. Reading and critiquing information from academic texts
3. Listening for specific information as required for lectures
4. English grammar


Course Features, Dates and Fees
IELTS Preparation Course (Daytime Programme) 

Duration:     6 weeks 

Hours:         20 Hours Per Week

Days:           Monday to Friday

Times:    08.50-12.50 or 13.30 - 17.30 (depending on University scheduling)

Class Size:   Average 12 Students

Fees:           €1,350 + €100 Registration Fee *Includes Course book 

Course Dates  2017 :

9 January - 17 February

20 February - 31 March

3 April - 12 May

15 May - 23 June

3 July - 11 August

14 August - 22 September

25 September - 3 November 


Our newly built classrooms provide a state-of-the-art learning environment for students. All classrooms are equipped with Interactive Whiteboard Technology, and students have full use of computers and Wi-Fi at our Language Services Faculty.

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