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Studies based on real-life work settings in an international environment.
The Test of English for International Communication (TOEIC) is an exam which measures the language skills of people using English for business or vocational purposes in an international setting. Employers across the world accept TOEIC as a measurement of their employees’ English language ability in the workplace. In a number of countries, the awarding of third-level diplomas and degrees is dependent on students having achieved a required score in the TOEIC examination. The DCU Language Services TOEIC Exam Preparation Programme is an intensive 2-week training course designed to help students maximize their score in this test.


Duration: 02 weeks
Starts: 17th - 28th July
Levels: all levels
Workload: 20 hours per week
Class times: 8.50am to 12.50pm or 13.30pm to 17.30pm
Class size: maximum 15
17 - 28 July
€495 (plus €100 course materials and registration fee)



Extra classes and social programme


University´s Facilities access


Course certificate


DCULS student card


Free Wi-fi

What will this course offer you?

  • Intensive study of the language, themes, and scenarios which commonly feature in the TOEIC exams.
  • Assist students to become familiar with the format and operation of the exam.
  • Intensive practice of TOEIC exam tasks.
  • Acquisition of specific exam techniques in order to maximise exam success.

Who should attend this programme?

The course is designed for students who:
  • Would like to obtain an internationally recognised language qualification.
  • Are required to obtain a given TOEIC score in order to qualify for their higher diploma or degree.
  • Are required to obtain a given TOEIC score as a condition of their employment
  • Wish to improve their English language usage in a business or work-related setting.


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How Can I Book a Course?

To apply for a course, please complete our online application form here .Once received, our Registration Officer will contact you to confirm your programme and arrange payment.

What types of accommodation can you arrange for me?

We have different categories of accommodation to suit all preferences. Please have a look at the accommodation section on our website for an overview.

Where is Ireland and Dublin Located?

Ireland is an island nation, located beside the United Kingdom in north-west Europe. Ireland has a population of 4.7 million people, of which 1.3 million live in the region of Dublin, the capital city.


Flexible Accommodation Options including staying with an Irish family.