Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Ireland, What is the Native Language and What Currency is Used?

Ireland is an island nation, located beside the United Kingdom in north-west Europe. Ireland has a population of 4.7 million people, of which 1.3 million live in the region of Dublin, the capital city. Ireland’s official languages are English and Irish. English is the preferred tongue for 97% of the population, especially in urban areas. Ireland is the only English-speaking country in the Eurozone currency area, and because of this the country is the European Headquarters of many multinational companies, including Google, Facebook, Microsoft and Linkedin.

When Do Courses Begin?

General English and Academic Year Programmes begin each Monday, so students have flexibility on when to start. For details of start dates of other programmes, please visit

Do I Need To Buy A Course Book?

We will provide a course textbook for a deposit fee of €30 per student. You will receive €20 back at the end of the course if you return the book to us in excellent condition. So the cost to you will be €10 for book rental for the duration of your course.

Will my Level be Tested?

Students will undertake a ‘Placement Test’ on their first day, in order to determine their level of English. The emphasis of the test is to determine the student’s level of English in order for the student to be places in a class appropriate for their experience.

Will there be Homework?

Yes! Students will receive homework from teachers based on classwork attended by the student.

Do I receive a Certificate at the end of the Programme?

Students will receive certification for their programme upon completion of the course.

Course timetabling, class times and classroom location

The timetable for courses is set by the centralised DCU Timetabling Office, which provides classrooms for all Bachelors, Masters and Language students at Dublin City University. Class times are 0850hrs to 1250hrs and / or 1330hrs to 1730hrs for General English, Academic Year Programme (and similar courses) depending on the classroom allocation provided for DCU LS courses. DCU LS courses may take place in mornings, afternoons or as a mixture of both morning and afternoon classes. Additional modules and classes (e.g. Cultural Classes, Corporate Tuition etc) may take place as part of our early evening timetable (1800-2000hrs) or on Saturday mornings. DCU LS is part of Dublin City University. The university holds lessons and activities on a number of campuses. Most DCU LS classes and activities will take place from the DCU Glasnevin Campus. Customers should be aware that, in peak periods, DCU LS reserves the right to hold classes and activities from a nominated satellite centre. Satellite centres include: DCU St. Patrick’s Campus, DCU All Hallows Campus, DCU Trinity Comprehensive (Summer School) and St. Aidan’s School. DCU LS retains full discretion and autonomy for the timetabling of programmes. Tuition for Junior language programmes is timetabled over a 7 day timetable (Monday to Sunday). Class days and times for junior groups will be determined based on resource availability and the group’s arrival and departure date.

How many Students are there per Class?

Our average class size is 10 students, and the maximum number per class is 15 students.

Is It Fun or Is it Just Work, Work, Work?

Our programmes are designed as an interactive, fun learning experience! Although the programme syllabus will be challenging, the workload is manageable, allowing students plenty of time to participate in social and cultural activities.

What is the Minimum Age to Attend a Programme?

The minimum age of attendance on our Adult programmes is 17 years. We can accept students aged 10 years and upwards for our Junior Group Programmes.

What is the Typical Age Profile of Students?

There is no “Typical” age profile of students attending programmes at DCU Language Services. Students range from 17 years to 65 years, so there is an excellent mix of ages at our Language School.

What are the Living Costs in Ireland?

Each person is different, and will have different spending habits! Generally speaking, a student staying with a ‘Host Family’ should be able to live on a budget of €100 per week (+ fees for their Host Family accommodation). Please note that this figure is used as a guideline only and students may want to allow themselves more money if planning to shop or socialise regularly in pubs. Visit our Living Costs page for further information.

Can I just book Accommodation and not take a Course?

We only provide accommodation for students attending English programmes at Dublin City University.

Can I Just Book a Course and arrange my own Accommodation?

We can arrange tuition-only programmes for arriving students, but recommend that students avail of our accommodation options.

Can I Bring my Mobile Phone?

Students are welcome to bring mobile phones to Ireland. If you ‘unlock’ your telephone before arrival in Ireland, we will provide you with a free Irish SIM Card to use during your time here. Mobile Phones are not permitted to be used in class, students are asked to place phones in ‘silent’ mode and be kept in the student’s bag.

Can I Bring my Laptop?

Students are invited to bring their Laptop to DCU, and can avail of free Wifi on campus. Many students use their Laptops for note taking in class also.

Will I Make Friends if I go alone?

Absolutely! Up to 90% of Students attending our programmes travel to Ireland on their own but settle in very quickly. You will make new friends from around the world quickly at DCU!

Can you Cater for Students with Disabilities?

We welcome applications from students with disabilities. We are experienced in catering for students with disabilities and our campus is fully wheelchair accessible. For further queries please contact us here.

Where Do Other Students Come From?

DCU caters for students from over 114 countries around the world including Brazil, Colombia, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Korea, Russia, China, Taiwan and from European countries.

How much are your courses?

For details on course prices please visit the web page of your chosen course or click here to view our Price List.

Are there many Tourist Attractions in Dublin?

Dublin offers numerous Tourist Attractions, including the Guinness Storehouse, Temple Bar, museums and others. Upon arrival at DCU you will be issued with a ‘Welcome Pack’ outlining places of interest to visit. In advance of your arrival please see for details of visitor attractions.

Does Dublin City University Language Services offer Group Programmes?

Yes, we offer group programmes for University Students and Junior Students throughout the year. To enquire about bringing a group to Dublin City University, please contact us.

I am seeking to arrange Individualised tuition. Is this Possible?

We can provide bespoke tuition to suit your requirements. Visit our Private Tuition page or contact us here and we can discuss your ideas. 

Do you offer Language Courses for Children?

We do not offer English Language Training for individual students aged under 17 years.

However we offer Junior Programmes for groups of 15 students or more if they come to us as part of a school or youth group. Click here for more information.

We also offer a Parent and Child Summer Programme whereby parents attend English Language Training with us while their child(ren) attend(s) a Summer Camp Programme at DCU Sports Centre. 


What Social Activities does DCU Language Services arrange?

We arrange a host of social and cultural activities for students, including regular trips to places of interest off-campus as well as hosting quizzes, parties and other activities on campus. Visit our Facebook page for information on trips and activities. 

What are the Accommodation options at DCU?

We offer two accommodation types: Host Family Accommodation and Campus Residence Accommodation.

If the student chooses Host Family accommodation, they will stay with an Irish family who live close to our campus. Students will have their own single room, and will be provided with meals and a light laundry service.

Campus Residence accommodation is available in summer only (subject to availability). Students will share an apartment on the DCU campus and are provided with their own single room. Meals and laundry are the responsibility of the student.

Is Travel to Ireland Included in Course Fees?

Travel to Ireland is the responsibility of the student and is not included in course fees. 

Can you arrange Airport Transfers?

Dublin City University is located 7km from Dublin Airport. We generally do not offer Airport Transfers, as there is a wide availability of Taxis and Bus Services at the Airport. Airport Transfers can be arranged for Group Bookings.

How do I find out about cheap flights to Ireland?

We recommend SkyScanner for competitive prices on flight travel. 

Should I Obtain Travel Insurance?

We recommend that students obtain travel insurance.

Is DCU well served by Public Transport?

Dublin City University is served by high frequency Bus Corridor, with services running at 8 minute intervals throughout the day. Transit time from DCU to Dublin City is 15 minutes approx.

How Can I Book?

To apply for a course please complete our online application form here.

Once received, our Registration Officer will contact you to confirm your programme and arrange payment.

When is it best to Register?

It is preferable to book your programme at least 4 weeks in advance of course commencement, in order to ensure that there is sufficient time to arrange accommodation and other details. 

How Do I Make Payment?

Payment can be made online by Credit Card or Bank Transfer to our account. To make a Credit Card payment online please click here.

If you have any difficulties making payment, please email us and we will be happy to assist with the process.



What if my question is not answered here?

If your question is not answered here please contact us by clicking here and we will be pleased to help with your query.