English For Family (parents + children)

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An unforgettable experience
for your family

English For Family (parents + children)

Bring your family to our “family”

  • Experience the sights, scenery and tourist attractions of Ireland as a family group.
  • Study with other parents attending the same programme.
  • Spend time with other families enjoying the same unique Irish experience.


Duration: 1- 3 weeks
Start times: June and August 2021
Level: All levels (children) / Pre-Intermediate to Advanced (Parents)
Age: 6 and above
Workload: 20 hours per week
Class times: 9 am -1 pm Monday to Friday
Class size: maximum 15
June and August
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If you have any questions, you can also contact us by email: englishforfamily@dcu.ie


English For Family (parents + children)

Access to University Facilities

English For Family (parents + children)

Course Certificate

English For Family (parents + children)

Free Wi-Fi

English For Family (parents + children)

Enjoyable Family-Centered Activities

English For Family (parents + children)

Stay at Apartments close to the DCU Campus

What will this course offer you?

  • The chance to combine a family holiday with a unique opportunity to improve your English
  • The opportunity to relax and focus on your own learning knowing your children are safe and enjoying fun-filled classes in English with children of a similar age
  • Together, you will have the opportunity to embrace the welcoming Irish culture.

Who should attend this programme?

This course is recommended for students who:
  • Families who would like to combine a short holiday to Ireland with an opportunity to study the English language
  • Parents who want to study English in Ireland at the same time as their child/ children


Find out more in our FAQs, click here.

What types of accommodation can you arrange for me?

We have different categories of accommodation to suit all preferences. Please have a look at the accommodation section on our website for an overview.

Where is Ireland and Dublin Located?

Ireland is an island nation, located beside the United Kingdom in north-west Europe. Ireland has a population of 4.7 million people, of which 1.3 million live in the region of Dublin, the capital city.

Where is DCU Language Services Located?

DCU Campus is located in a safe residential area from 5 km to the Dublin City centre and 7 km to the Dublin airport. Direct bus routes just off of DCU Campus leaving for both the airport and the City centre regularly. Our address is DCU Language Services – Office VGB11, Dublin City University, Dublin 9 – D09 NA55.


Flexible Accommodation Options including staying with an Irish family.